Personalized Bar Necklace


$ 39.00

A perfect pair to all or your monogrammed outfits! The bar necklace has simple lines, and a beautiful all capital font! Name is centered on plate.

Pennant Dimensions: 7mm x 40 mm / 0.27" x 1.57"

Chain Length Choice: 14" (recommended for children),16",18" (Standard Adult Length) ,20",22"

Sterling Silver: 0.925

Gold:18K Gold Plated Silver

Rose Gold: 18K Rose Gold Plated Silver


First you decide where you would like the necklace to sit – on your collar bone, or maybe on your upper chest. Perhaps you like it to sit loosely on your lower chest… 

Second, take a string and measure the total necklace length you would like. 
If you do not have a string or rope you can use the picture below. 

Keep in mind that the chain lengths mentioned at the website do not include the pendant. 
The size of the pendant varies in accordance with the name and style you choose. The average pendant size is 0.75” – 2” (2 – 5 cm). 

So the total length of necklace would be the length of the name pendant and the chain you have chosen. 

For example, if you order a name necklace with a 16” chain, the total length of the necklace would be 16.75” – 18”, depending on the name and style you ordered. 

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