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Customized Gifts for Teachers

When you give customized gifts for teachers, you say, “There is truly no substitute for you!” Explore our selection of goodies for principals, paraeducators, and teachers, and more, from custom t-shirts to personalized work bags.

Customized Gifts for Teachers
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Shop Educators

Teaching can be tough, but finding the perfect gift for an educator need not be! Whether it’s for your colleague, a new graduate, or to treat yourself, a customized gift like a t-shirt, jacket, or tote bag can be just the thing. Our personalized embroidery is a high-quality way to remind an educator that they are the fabric that holds us all together.

Not only do we carry gear for education staff, but we also celebrate our healthcare workers! Check out our assortment of personal nurse gifts for your favorite caregivers and healers.

Shop Bags & Accessories

Every teacher needs a strong, versatile, but fun bag! Our custom embroidered bags carry your paperwork and personal items and serve as additional motivation to finally tackle that stack of grading. 

But despite how much educators live and breathe the classroom life, they also need time away. Giving customized gifts for teachers helps remind them that after a long day taking care of others, it’s time to take care of themselves.

Shop Women’s Clothing

Women in education are also moms, partners, and friends. Check out our selection of women's personalized shirts, sweaters, and other apparel for the teacher in your life who deserves it all.

Shop Men’s Clothing

The same goes for the men! Our personalized gifts for men are thoughtful reminders that you appreciate them for the joy they create inside and outside of the classroom. Our men’s clothing includes t-shirts, custom t-shirts for teachers, athletic jackets, and loungewear that are perfect for lesson planning on the couch.  

Shop Holiday & Wedding

Beyond our customized gifts for teachers, we also have fun ware for weddings and holidays. Whether or not school is in session, you can still celebrate your favorite teacher with celebratory and festive clothing. 

  • Seasonal clothing: For teachers who already love adding festive flair to their classrooms, explore our seasonal clothing for a gift they’ll wear for years to come. 
  • Monogrammed wedding gifts: Do you know a teacher who is getting married? Or want to surprise a friend with a personalized bridesmaid proposal gift? A customized gift is an excellent way to help a teacher  (or anyone you know!) celebrate their big day. 

Returns & Refunds

We always strive to create A+ work, ensuring all items are embroidered and printed properly. We advise you to double-check for spelling and accuracy while submitting your requests. After all, we will do our utmost to make sure you don’t have to send your customized gifts for teachers back for a redo! Read more details about returns and refunds.

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We are Arden & Gold, a woman-run small business that gained overnight success in 2013 after we were discovered on Pinterest and Etsy. We are proud to create custom embroidered clothing from our home of Covington, Kentucky, and to be loved by the community. Thank you for supporting our work, and we look forward to you joining our growing community!

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